I thought I have overcomed my problem

After getting a successful erection and great sex with my partner, the pressure came back on the weekday.

Now I feel that I’m back to square one

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I am in the same boat. I had a few good runs in a row and now I can only get half erect at beat. Disappointing.

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This has happened to me too. Thought the first time was just a blip, but it started up again. I think I’m getting better so for me I think it’s kinda cyclical and related to stress and anxiety in my job and in other areas of my life.

Brother if you start from square one. Do so again & again through time hopefully you start developing trust with your body again. I feel like giving up fully will be what you don’t want


I can relate to this so much. Where I would have sex w a half hard on, anxious because I didnt trust my erection. Wouldnt be the best sex but we would both finish. And i would have a relief after finishing, untill it was time to have sex again later on the week, then ill get the anxiety back. The tight chest snd disassociation that comes with sexual anxiety. I have recently had sex more than usual with the same anxiety still, but I now am starting to trust my erection more and more. I am still struggling, i used to feel like im back to square one but now i feel like im a couple steps ahead but one back, rather than feeling like I have to relive step 1. Slowly and slowly time by time youll get to where i am. And I know i will be where i was before all this. Happy and enjoying sex w my partner every second.

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I think it’s normal, because the voice in your head keeps telling you that it was just random that you managed
Pull through and don’t lose hope, do the breathing to relax, focus on the feel of the moment, get out of your head somehow with some of the useful exercises, and then you’ll be good to go, try to make it usable and put it inside, for me at least the anxiety goes away once I’m able to insert it

The solution to this sounds a lot like meditation practice. Try not to judge yourself, harshly, and begin again.

Yeah, we talk’s about practice.