How long to recover from ED using mindfulness

I’m curious to hear how long it has taken people to recover from ED and if these techniques have worked? I get performance anxiety that builds up over the course of a day or more when I know I might have sex. I feel pressure to perform as myself and my partner are trying for a baby so when I need to get it up and finish at a specific time of the month etc. I lose it and can’t which is proving very difficult and stressful.

I’ve found I’ve been able to trust my partner more and now we have sex regularly. Im still doing the course but at least im finally having sex again it’s taken a month or so but ive gained so much more confidence

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I have similar problem. I was regularly having sex with my partner. I had a very stressful situation in work and one day when I tried to have sex I couldn’t get my erection. From then on doubts started creeping in and now it’s been. 2 weeks since I had sex with my partner. The thought of having sex makes me anxious and I feel depressed throughout the day. I am a new member to mojo and I would like to know how long will it take to get erection back through midnfulness and breathing.