I struggle with being able to cum

I hear a lot about problems others face regarding premature ejaculation or not being able to stay hard while having sex. To some people my problem sounds like it’s a good thing to have. I can’t cum! It’s so frustrating! My woman gets very upset about it. No matter how I try to explain it and tell her it has nothing to do with her, she always feels like a failure and I’m just not into her. It’s become a serious problem. Recently I have been able to reach orgasm but only through oral, and not just an orgasm… I’m talking explosion where it feels like 10-15 pumps of my stuff escapes. I’m 52 and my woman is 40. She’s still not happy because I can’t cum through being inside her. Help

I have the same issue. I love the sex, I’m fully into it, but I just can’t get there. It’s frustrating because my partners have assumed that I am not into them when the reality is I adore them and love the sex, I just can’t cum.