I need some advice as I don't know what is specifically wrong

For some context: I am 19 about to turn 20, I’ve had issues with porn addiction in the past but I’ve conquered it thankfully, however last night the girl that I’m seeing came over and we fondoodled. I tried getting hard and it stayed for 3 seconds and then went soft I didn’t even cum, she turns me on like crazy and the night before I was hard. Usually every morning I’m harder then an easter island head but now there’s no stick in the tent. I also felt a slight soreness in the pelvic region, specifically in a v shaped line above the johnson. I do not feel sore now however I still cannot get hard. It’s been one day since and I’m worried.

Following up I just started this program today and the positive mindset is exactly what I needed imma continue doing this regime to improve myself. But it was a mental block all I did was think about my girl and that I was in fact getting hard again and Bam I was rock solid again. Imma continue these positive mindset remedies and I’ll play it by ear