I cant get hard anymore and I'm worried

So for context I’m 19 about to turn 20, I’m healthy in shape work out etc. I used to be addicted to porn but I’ve conquered that. Up until yesterday I’d get harder then an easter island head, but when I was having sex with this girl I’m seeing whom I really like I could not get hard for the life of me, what’s worse is after she left I felt this soreness in pelvic area in the shape of a V just above my penis it’s not sore any more however I’m worried cause this morning I had no morning wood and I always do. If anyone has any advice please share.

Hey I dunno if this relates, but i remember years ago, when I was having sex with a girl I was seeing I lost wood half way through (which had never happened to me before) I built it up I’m my head as this big issue, what was wrong with mee blah blah. I only realised what had happen years later when it has happened since. I had gassed myself out, trying to go hell for leather but I was unfit and hadnt done excerise or lived healthy in ages. My point it could be something in this ball park and try not over over think it. Just trust yourself.

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