I’m worried about talking to girls because of PE

I haven’t wanted to talk to girls because my last experience with a girl ended up most of the time me finishing far too quickly one literally as I put it in.

Masturbate before you have sex go to the bathroom or something and do it. Also when you’re masturbating make sure you’re not cumming in like one minute because it will train your brain to finish not long after getting hard and you won’t be able to help it during sex.

Find you a girl who likes foreplay more than PIV. Get really good at foreplay, don’t put it in until you’ve got them off. Not a permanent solution but a work around while you work on stuff through the app. My two cents.

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Does using “edging”’whilst master aging help with early ejaculation ie masterbate until just before you cum and then ease off (or squeeze base of shaft) and build up again and repeat until you want to complete - ie so you can begin to tolerate strong close to orgasmic sensations .

I don’t know if this actually helps - but is fun anyway!