I can’t escape it

My girlfriend and I are both early 20s and have been dating for a little under 2 years now. Maybe a year ago I began to lose erections during sex and the effect this had on me was monumental. After a few months of this I visited a GP and was met with no answers, only pills.
I then started to use mojo and received moderate success in the bedroom for a short stint however as soon as I started seeing improvement I then faded from using mojo and it all came tumbling down again.
I’m in a vicious cycle of self pity and become frustrated using the app now as I feel I have undone all previous progress I made.
My girlfriend has been incredibly patient with me but I fear her patience is wearing thin.

It’s great to hear Mojo’s exercises worked for you in the past. It means something in them was probably doing you good and you need to maybe work out which were the best exercises that set you in the best mindset before sex.

You didn’t mention it but perhaps it’s also worth seeking some professional support. Assuming you’ve done all the health checks with the GP, check out services like Relate, which offer individual and couples sex therapy. It’s worth setting up at least a single session to discover if it can help.

They have tiered pricing too based on your income so although still not cheap, getting you sex life back is worth some extra expense.


I don’t believe this resource is available in my country, however writing my experience allowed me to reflect properly and I have now looked into other areas to improve my overall physical and mental health. Thank you for your response!