Coping with sexual issues

I’m trying to wrap my head around never being able to have sex again for the rest of my life. For context, I never get morning wood, never have random erections, don’t get hard during masturbation. Thinking I should probably just break up with my gf tomorrow, let her find a real man. This shit absolutely sucks. Wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy

It’s REALLY difficult to deal with erection issues AND it can get better! I get it that it’s super discouraging and you are not alone, plus there are specialists out there that want to help. Hang in there and keep focused on the possibility of having the sex life you want.

Hey there, sounds like you’re stuck in a rut, and I totally get wanting to give up. We’ve seen alot of men stuck in a rut like this and luckily we’ve seen alot of men also get out of this – so just know that it is possible.

I’d suggest having a few conversations:

  1. Have a chat with a urologist, they can help guide you to better understand if the issue is physical or psychological. Once you know where the issue stems from, you can have a better sense of what to do to improve it (and you’ll be surprised at how many options there are now adays!)

  2. Have a chat with a therapist – even if the issue ends up being physical, there’s always a psychological component to it. And I think it might help you loads to chat to someone who can guide you in such a critical stage in your life. If the issue is psychological, some people have found it valuable to see both a therapist and use Mojo at the same time.

  3. Once you’re ready, have a chat with your partner – a great partner will help you through this difficult period and it could really strengthen your relationship over time. Not all partners can play that role though, and only you know your partner well enough to know if they can handle this conversation.

Please keep us posted as you progress, and don’t feel shy in posting either here in our community or reaching out to support. We’re here for you and want to get you through this!

Stay strong!

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I’ve had a talk with my gf about this stuff and it had some mixed reactions. She’s not the best at understanding how I feel on a regular basis anyway; she’s basically taking the approach of giving me space to figure it out on my own. I actually really want to go to a sex therapist. Problem is where I live (US) they usually start at $200 a session which is out of my price range. I was really hoping mojo would help but it’s probably making it worse. All I think about is ed and how pathetic of a man I am.

Don’t think that bro I believe that you will find the help that you need and that it will happen at the right time and I am still a virgin so I can’t put myself in your shoes but I can support and encourage you because you got this :sunglasses:

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Sorry to hear Mojo might be making things worse—sounds like it is because it’s making you think of ED more? In a case like this, I’ve pasted some advice our therapist has given in the past that might be applicable to you:

“It will be important for you to try and get back into your body and out of your head. Firstly set up a regular (daily) practice of relaxation and breath work. Setting aside 10 - 15 mins where you can sit, regulate your breath (in for 7 out for 11 if you can manage it), notice any thoughts, not judging them. Reassure yourself you are going to put some work into gaining confidence with your body and arousal - no rush. See if you can commit to this for 2 weeks, hopefully looking forward to it, before you begin to try the Mojo course again. “

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Also, I forgot to mention: Mojo comes with a money back guarantee, so if it’s not helpful for you, just shoot our support an email and ask for a refund. We want to help you even if it means you’re not using Mojo.

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You are here… you’ve chosen mojo… you’ve chosen to do something about it… that’s i great move… yep…. It’s a journey… I’m still on it bro… whatever the outcome…. You’ve taken steps… it’s important… keep going…

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……and…. Yep… mojo makes me think more about my issues… which can make me feel overwhelmed…. At times….but …… I’m doing something about it… you have to think about this stuff… but it gets easier… because you are taking charge…

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I think any therapy will cause you to think about your issue more. But that is exactly what has to happen to make it better. Just ignoring it is a sure fire way to make it worse in the long run.

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I only maturbate
I’m edging for over 9 months