Can’t get hard at all

I’m 18 and have never really had any type of sexual interaction. I’ve always been interested in girls and masterbated but I never really any one who I felt close enough and like to take that next step. I’ve been going out now with my girlfriend now for 6 months and havnt once got an erection around her. At first I though it would just go away eventually but it’s to the point where it’s just annoying for Both me and her. She done her best to help me with it and never shamed me for it. Which makes it even worse for me because she’s so understanding about it but I just feel bad. Obviously sex feels good but I more want to do it to be as close to her as I can, I’ve felt ready for months now and it just won’t get better. Today’s my first day using mojo, I kept getting ads for it and I will do anything to fix this so I’m here giving it a try. I have always have anxiety issues and I really hope this can help


First of all, your not alone! I (23) also struggle with my erections, currently more than ever.

First thought that comes to my mind is your porn consumption. How often do you masturbate to porn? How intense are the movies you watch?

If you have watched porn for a lot of years, maybe on a daily basis and with intense scenes like hardcore, fetish or other stuff you might be so blunted, that normal sexual interaction does not get you aroused enough.

This can be resolved by reducing/quitting porn and starting to learn how to enjoy masturbation and sex again without hardcore stimulation via porn.

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Heavy Porn use in my teenage years is the reason why I am here… trying to get my sexlife back to normal.

If you can get erections for masturbate then that is a good sign, it sounds like there is a lot of pressure and maybe some exercises where the focus is more on her would help with that, also maybe looking at whilst masturbating or having erotic thoughts include your partner in those thoughts so you start to make the connection there

Do you watch a lot of porn? Do you have certain categories or fetishes that you watch constantly? If yes, I’d cut out porn. Even though mojo likes to say it isn’t really a factor I call bs because the vast majority of people on here think it is including myself.