How was trying the squeeze technique?

Worked well, managed to last the 10 minutes. Had to apply a medium amount of pressure.

It took a bit more pressure than I expected but comfortable amount. My ejaculation felt different and was a whole different experience all together.

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A lot of pressure, third time was too close I just came.

Seemed to work. Had to use a lot of breathing and to help stay in the 5-7 zone. Squeezing earlier than you think helped

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Diagram is backwards
Would be uncomfy to do it the way its shown


Need practice

I find that the stop start technique works better for me. It feels like if it gets to the point of having to squeeze, it’s a little too late for me

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Not pleasant - need to fine tune for sure

Applied around 50/60% and kind of put me back to the start, works for me!

Diagram being backwards don’t help


helps fight ejaculation


1st time trying it. Lasted longer that I have in a while, but even with the squeeze the final time it was abit too powerful to stop

Helped a little but will try again

Was working but didn’t apply enough of the previous exercises and it went off earlier than expected.

Worked first time but I became immediately aroused when I restarted & didn’t apply enough pressure. Gotta keep trying

Have to keep trying, worked first time then second time a bit late.

This was my first time using this, so I was gentle. It really helped me extend and be more mindful about not cumming too soon.

I felt like I pressed too hard and then I got aroused by that and then I went past the point of no return, will have to try again

Yeah, didn’t work for me - the squeez doesn’t really push me away from the point of no return I just don’t enjoy reaching it.