How was trying the squeeze technique?

How would you describe the amount of pressure that worked for you? How did your body respond?

Didn’t really work… had to squeeze almost instantly everytime I restarted. So arousel never dropped

I like a slight squeeze- can somewhat be difficult.

Didn’t manage to stop the cum quick enough unfortunately


Worked really well and didn’t require too much pressure

A little weird. I think I tried it too late because every time I restarted I was almost immediatelyat the PONR

Did not try

lasted 9 minutes

Squeezing seemed to make
Me want to cum more

This worked well for me. First time I’ve felt in control in a while.


First time and I guess I squeezed too late. Came immediately :disappointed:

Didn’t really seem to work, might not be squeezing right but the arousal never really went away and I was right back to almost

Applied the box breathing technique and tried to focus on the sensation I felt at the base of my penis rather than the top. I lasted the 10 minutes, didn’t cum, and didn’t have to apply the squeeze technique.

I’ve tried the technique before but did it different. This worked way better.

Made me want to cum more. Maybe because I used lube?

No luck

So I already felt calm as I went in with a very calm mind, and had already cummed earlier in the day. (Which went really well thanks to the box breathing)

And I couldn’t quite get there, so used a little visual stimuli to get close at like the 7 minute mark, and between the squeezing and breathing it worked really well. 10 mins was easily achievable. If only it was that easy PIV hahaha

The longer I squeezed, the more pressure to cum built