How was trying the squeeze technique?

I found applying pressure just increased the arousal past the point, so I must have been too late?

Worked for me, but just need to let my arousal level drop more before starting again

Didn’t work for me. I was masturbating slowly for most of the 10 minutes before picking up the pace. Quickly went past the point of no return. Had barely started trying to squeeze when I finished

Sorry but I just don’t see this working or even able to be tried in a go time scenario. What are you gonna do, pull out and squeeze every time you’re too close??? I’m sure that’ll go over well with her…

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To last 10 minutes, I knew I’d have to stroke gently. I might have squeezed a bit early? I felt some pulsing in my penis during the first squeeze. Then regained control for the most part. A few more firm squeezes but it was mostly just the stopping, I think, that brought me back down. And breathing helped!

I get the point, it’s just push myself really close without going too far.

Pretty firm squeeze, and it didn’t bring me back as much as I wanted. Maybe squeeze for a little longer?

Didn’t work too well for me, it was hard to gauge my level of arousal.

Definitely awkward but once I got into the rhythm, it worked pretty good.

I don’t know if im doing this right i think the visual is backwards. How do you put your thumb on the back of your dick?

I used a tight squeeze and it helped reduce the urge but for maybe another 20 seconds only. Not really a lot of time

Found the squeeze awkward cos you have to turn your hand upside down to get the thumb onto the base of the penis - dunno if the graphic is correct

Other than that - seemed to work pretty well - delayed the ejaculation by a couple of mins each time

Managed to go the full 10 mins but got into the rhythm of it.

I really feel like all of these techniques are starting to work! I lasted noticeably longer with my wife the other night.
I feel more in control, calm, collected, and aware of what’s going on with my body.

I went into the session today feeling pretty aroused before even starting, but I took my time, didn’t allow my mind to wander, staying present in the moment, did some root masterbating, and also maintained a faster pace.
Learning how it feels to do the squeeze before getting the point of no return. I do a normal squeeze with the thumb on top.
Slowly but surely my confidence is rising.

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Firm squeeze but I did not do as the visual suggested bc it was just awkward. Placed thumb on top and two fingers under. Delayed 3x. Lasted full 10mins so I think I’ll be implementing this every time

The squeeze was just more of a physical stop versus a mental stop in the start-stop method. I don’t feel like it’s useful by myself but maybe the squeeze would be better with a partner.

Instead of saying backside of penis, it would be helpful to say the side of your penis facing you or away from you. I’m kinda confused if i’m doing it right or backwards

Had to do quite a lot of pressure for a good ten seconds but then it worked

Not loads, just a short squeeze. Be interested to see how it works when having sex

Not sure how to get thumb and fingers in the same position, looks like the hand is from a different person.

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Took less pressure than I expected! And after squeezing a couple times, I stopped needing to—it really put me in control. This gave me some hope :smiling_face_with_tear:
Also, the diagram seems upside down haha