How many sex partners have you had in the course of your life?

How many sex partners have you had in the course of your life?

I’m guessing I’m in the minority here but I’m almost 40 and have had 5 partners. All of which were serious relationships.

1 was a rebound type thing, that’s where my issues started.

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I’ve had 9 so far but only one was serious.

I’ve had over 15 with some being serious relationships and most being hookups i honestly regret the hook ups a lot…

why do you regret them ?

I’m 57 years old and have had 18 sexual partners, with the majority of those in the last 10 years (got divorced, started having fun).

I’m 32. I’ve had 14 sexual partners, with 8 of them being women that joined my current girlfriend and I for threesomes. The ones prior to my current girlfriend I was dating exclusively, the first of which I was married to.

I have struggled with compulsive sexual behavior (akin to sex addiction) and low self esteem when it comes to feeling attractive and I overcompensated with a lot of dating and sex.

I’ve had over 70 partners from one night stands to years-long relationships. I’ve also had almost as many paid encounters via escorts or massages with “extras”. My feelings of inadequacy have lead me to several experiences I’d rather hadn’t happened but also ended up giving me a lot more confidence in some ways. Yet the anxiety remains!

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Im 36. Married since i was 23 and in the process now of getting divorced.
6 sexual partners. Love sex but wasnt much for 1 nighters.

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I’ve had upwards of 200 one night stands, I’m 38 now.

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i’m 39, and apparently I’ve had 27 partners, i did not realize it was so many. Only four of those were within a relationship, the rest being a few short flings or some one-night stands.

19 included vaginal penetration, 2 were oral/manual only (one of these was a paid encounter), and 4 one-night stands “failed” due to ED but there was still some form of sexual contact. Most encounters included an initial ED incident, that resolved as i got more comfortable with the person. However, usually the less i cared about the encounter, the easier an erection was and the longer i would last.

I honestly cringe when i think about all those; i was craving validation but wound up treating others poorly and ultimately did nothing to help my own sense of worth. At least i gained experience in making my partner feel good (especially while my dick was taking a time-out), but now that i’m in an amazing relationship with a wonderful woman i wish my past were a little less embarrassing. Plus my ED has been a bigger problem now with her than with those dozens of others, because i’ve never cared this much. Cruel irony!

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Hey thank you so much for you reply. I am a bit confused: why did you treat them poorly? and why do you feel embarrassing for what happened. I don’t think there is anything to feel embarrassed about especially in the sphere of sex.

I treated them poorly without realizing it; i considered myself a nice person, but i had a pattern of making a girl feel really special and cared about w, then after sleeping together a couple times i would totally lose interest and usually just ghost them, or worse if i did talk to them i’d be cold. It often left them confused and feeling used.

As for why i’m embarrassed, that’s a really good question! I really don’t know why, but i would just hate for my girlfriend now to know the extent of all that. I guess you’ve helped me see that i still carry shame in my attitude toward sex

What about you, and what made you want to ask?