How do you keep the sexual flow going?

Kissing is a turn on for me no

I can’t haha

Get into the flow stay with it. Share our feelings in conversation furring sex with letting my emotion for her flow freely and not blocking what I want to do with her or block expressing my feelings in any way. Be loud be proud enjoy the hell out of it unabashedly

My partner and I don’t use condoms (vasectomy) but we do use toys like cock rings, butt plugs etc and the action completely stops to go get them. Setting the stage prior to initiating is key.

When I’m struggling to get myself in gear, I only touch or kiss different parts of my partners body until I’m erect enough for penetration.

Aim the foreplay towards her so it is less noticable if I have any issues or softness

Foreplay is probably the biggest thing for me, having him touch me or me touch him just sends tingles down my spine in a good way. But when he just wants to rush in to sex, I freak out and think. I need to get as hard as possible to prove to him I want this.

Eat out that putang

The flow going from down on them to playing with them to them playing with me.

I find if my partner puts the lube on to keep my erection.

I will take a pill of generic viagra prior to having sex. This way I know I will be able to maintain and get an erection easier for the biological reasons.

And my mind also feels slightly better knowing that the pill will help. So the psychological / performance anxiety also disappears.

But I’ve become reliant on it and I want to be able to start having sex organically and spontaneously.

Sometimes mutual masterbation or just stop.

Try for spontaneous intimacy, less time to get in my head.

I think having my partner involved in the process of putting on the condom helps best. Whether they keep foreplay going while I take out the condom, or even mix for play into the condom process through fellatio.

I don’t know

I have not found the right solution quite yet, unfortunately.

Each other

I think men compare themselves too much to pornstars, we imagine how hard we should be and that’s what we think be wise we haven’t maintained an erection for a period of time or multiple times.
Those guys all take pills, that’s not what your GF/Wife thinks it’s going to be like.
But that’s sometimes the measuring stick(excuse the pun) that we compare ourselves too.
I know it is for me sometimes.


Well if I can’t get hard we usually go back to making out and that usually helps me get hard for a short burst, not enough to get back into penetration.