How do you keep the sexual flow going?

while putting on a condom. for me it‘s e.g.:

  • watch her and thinking about how i‘m getting ready to get into her
  • sexy talking about how we could just do it without condom so she‘ll get pregnant etc.
  • fantasies
  • also going down on her, so she‘s already closer to climaxing when we start intercourse, is stress relieving

but i‘m not entirely convinced these techniques help to solve the issue of ED. I‘m afraid they‘re just making the symptoms more mild as long as youapply them, and that they can‘t help permanently, you know what i mean?

Keep kissing touching doing whatever is keeping you hard

I would say talking or simply just still interacting with each other. You can be kissing your partner and at that very moment, solid rock hard, but as soon as you stop to open the condom… it’s GONE! It’s mind blowing. Also, what happens often, even with my own experiences, most women don’t even turn around and acknowledge the condom process. They don’t even always know whether you’re putting it on or not. They don’t even be involved. It’s amazes me how a part “so small” can have an effect, SO BIG on the entire situation and how it goes, which ultimately dictate your entire performance/experience.

i guess touching different parts of the body that i enjoy

Lots of foreplay, kissing and touching.

Focused on the feeling of my body against her, her smell, the touch of her fingers on my skin.

Changing position or kissing the person passionately to reconnect with them

Playing with my partners body can sometimes help - but find it’s difficult for them to be involved especially in the act of putting the condom on.

Condoms could be a problem for sure.
I need to be connected to the partner. Have them fully present, respond to me.

Mostly with foreplay. Touch. Some dirty words, and a lot of compliments and care. It make us happy.

Stroking myself. Breathing.

I think by talking about it with your partner

Be mindful be present get out of my head and into my body. Feel breathe touch

I use my tongue and fingers to pleasure her and the sounds she makes and her movement help

Just always keeping busy. Not stopping for too long and transitioning from one thing right into another. I feel that if I stop or theres a break between positions or between foreplay and sex that I might lose my erection

Try to stay in the moment

Just by being in the moment, I mean I still haven’t had much success with keeping the sexual flow but usually it’s when my inner critic doesn’t speak at all and I’m just in the moment.

Focus on the moment

I’ve been watching x-rated video since I was 12-13 and I am 22. In still new with sex

Keep kissing