How do you keep the sexual flow going?

I move to using my hands and mouth when the penis is working. Often overwhelming her with big waves of intense sensations so I know/feel she isn’t thinking about why my penis isn’t being used at the moment.

Keeping the physical touch in gauged

Whispering in each others ear

I’ve tried having her try and insert my penis, tried new positions and tried to keep caressing her and touching her while I put it in.

I Try to keep touching and doing things that make my wife moan weve never really had a talk about what gets us going so it’s always been a guessing game with me and well because I fail at most of everything else I fail at keeping it going a lot of time because I find something that feels good and then I over stimulate the area it sucks to suck

I have no idea, I’m not that experienced

Try too keep licking her pussy

Lots of touching n kissing

I would say dirty talk definitely would keep the sexual flow going. Let each other know how much you want each other. Kissing is my love language and maybe I need to incorporate that more with my partner.

Kissing and touching each others body to get the flow going does help when I’m not overthinking about maintaining my erection. I believe this also helps my partner understand that I do desire them and just trying to get the flow going

I usually try to kiss my partner, take a turn to pleasure her again, and hear and feel how she feels. It gives me an auditory stimulus as well as a physical one which is usually pretty good at getting me back up

Carees her and talk about us and that I love her helps me a lot

Normally we go from me eating her out straight to sex, we get off and go to bed or start our day. Bringing fiddly things like sex swings, prostate vibrators, and cock rings triggers my anxiety to perform and please her. Don’t get me wrong I love booty play on mine or hers but sometimes it’s a performance anxiety trigger. I love the idea of a sex swing but getting it out and setting it up is a major performance anxiety about losing my erection.

Get her to put it on instead of me…

Touching and kissing.

Keep the touching going i guess

Oral sex

have my partner put the condom on. Share that sometimes condoms can be party of an issue.

My wife has the most amazing breasts and arse. Grabbing them and spanking her really help. She prefers a softer approach, which I do do, but sometimes becoming a little rough helps. I think this is because it gives me pleasure to do it.