How do you keep the sexual flow going?

Having my wife get the condom from the door, open the package, and give it to me while still in foreplay helps me from getting distracted and stressed, and putting it on is much easier then.

If I lose my erection, sometimes I’ll say to my partner, “I’m good, I just need a moment to reconnect” - that helps relieve the pressure for both of us, and I’m able to literally reconnect to my body.

Getting head for a bit first has always helped

Continue physical contact, even if it’s just kissing, but try to keep the moment flowing, either that or just keeping a level of eye contact, that way I don’t feel as if they’re judging whether it’s still working or not

I don’t lol,

I think that positive and sexy talking helps me. Like saying that I like this and I like that from both sides makes it more direct to understand what it is that is going well. Saying what you want from me helps me feel like I can do that and give you just what you want. and makes me feel like I can do this and removed some of the doubt if not being able to. I’ve found that talking though what I like helps keep the flow going too because I find I can have pretty specific turn ons and having those met helps me feel like I’m valued.

I find verbal play in foreplay and during sex can keep me in the mood. Anything that feels like a chore kills the flow.

Continuing to kiss/touch and enjoy your partner’s body and the feel of their skin, basically by being so into them that you momentarily forget she’s putting a condom on. Also if she uses oral sex as a way to get you prepped for a condom, helps many times.

steady, slow kissing, stroking, hugging my partner’s body…telling her “I love her”

Flirting, masterbation, imaging something I fine sexy.

I give her something to anticipate and think about. I tell her to close her eyes.

Kissing. Do things that turn my partner on like finger his hole when I’m putting on condom

Dirty talking

Keep touching my partner and try to incorporate the condom into the foreplay like it’s not even there helps.

Talking, laughing with my partner, reminds me that I’m in it with another person and to get out of my head.
Touching her body, taking control a bit (appropriately)

Using physical affection

Once I’m hard, I like to keep the focus on both of us until penetration. A blowjob gets me very excited and ready for penetration. Then I have confidence to have sex without worrying about getting soft. We should keep up the touching, kissing and dirty talk as much as possible.

I have new partner that is going to be long term so we don’t use condoms but those break moments in sex are the killer of my erection. Haven’t figured out how to keep my brain in fun mode target than analyzing.

I usually just go with the flow but the worry’s lately are overpowering me

Just new contact with your partner and continue doing what helped you get
aroused or in the mood in the first place.