How do you keep the sexual flow going?

Kissing other parts of the body…touching other places of the body.

For the next time the condom to comes out, I’ll have her fondle me. Sounds hot just writing it haha

Move the focus to her. I’ve found that I can get pretty hard by pleasuring my wife while I do nothing. I think it’s probably because I completely stop thinking about myself.

I can’t keep it going

Sometimes 69 works, as I get turned on by them getting turned on and I’m not just focused on myself

Kissing while the condom is put on

Continue to make out while putting it on.

Just continue making out while I put it on.

Something that I’ve learned help me is words of affirmations about my performance, my positive qualities, my personality etc. Words of affirmations are one of my love languages and that can help get me back in the sexual flow of things.

dirty talk during it like “oh i wanna fuck you so bad”

“fears of being selfish” and “ladies first” in this discussion forum resonate with me. I think that used to be the problem, but now it’s got beyond that and nothing works - not even being consciously selfish and me-first. But it might just be that I have a really stealthy inner critic.

If I need a minute, it’s easy to just pull out, and touch myself, and touch her, to find my own calm, and remmeber this is all universally good for us both.

Kissing, oral, massage

I like getting head and i know it will feel good if i can get head while im opening the confom and then figureing oht how to put it on

Kissing is a big for me, but staying in contact at all times and having my fingers in her helps too

If we’re actively having sex, and for no reason I talk myself out of an erection, sometimes I can get it back by having her rub coconut oil on my penis etc. (If you haven’t tried it, the best, natural lube ever.)

Asking my partner to put the condom on me and lube me up! Also, focusing my eyes or hands on parts of my partners body that I’m especially attracted to.

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Have your partner stimulate themselves while you’re getting the condom or other breaks in activity. Keeps the sexy feeling going

I focus on her — always helping her to get off by hand/oral. To make sure that she’s satisfied either way.

Ask her to put it on or at least help.