How do you keep the sexual flow going?

I have struggle to do this in the past. My mind is always elsewhere

Sometimes if things start to get hot and heavy on the couch, I like to just stay there. Something about moving to the bedroom throws me off in a serious sort of way.

Turning the attention to my partner to allow the sexual energy going and let me get lost in her and out of my head

I like it when she sucks my cock while I’m opening the packet and I go to slip it on. That usually works.

Making jokes and talking dirty.

I watch my partner while preparing it and occasionally brush her skin with my hand at some intervals in the process.

Communication and foreplay, I find taking the time to enjoy kissing or touching my partner helps calm my inner monologue

I tend to just get lost in the moment and not think about it. That’s what helps me.
Also, by caressing her body non stop and transitioning positions smoothly. Don’t pause in between positions.

Recently, I’ve been asking the other person to put the condom on for me, because it seems like a part of foreplay when she does it, instead of just a task that I need to do. Also, that means I don’t have to think about it, which is good because once I start thinking about something like that, I’ll overthink everything.

My goal has always been her pleasure, so I continue to help her while feeling awful inside. I am hoping this site and the exercises help with the feelings and the abilities together

Continuing to satisfy my partner until eventually I feel relaxed enough again, or taking a break from everything and returning back to it once I’ve had time to switch my brain off

Licking, touching, kissing. Dirty talk. Deep eye connection

Taking a break for a few moments whilst my wife continues self pleasure usually helps but it doesn’t always come back as strong or as hard as when initiated.

I stop for a moment, maybe mention something to my partner like “it’s been a while since I’ve put on a condom” and try again. I’ll try and go back to kissing and relaxing focusing on her beauty.

Therapy is telling me to do sensual massages to get the feeling going

I used to have a partner that would give me oral while I was opening the condom wrapper and for some time afterwards. This helped immensely.

Touching each other, kissing

trying to keep things as flowing as possible. so when i do stop to put on a condom it shouldn’t feel like a pause but just another part of intercourse

My best trick is to quickly think of something truly erotic and pray it’s enough.

I don’t. I try to think of the having sex with hottest girls I know even tho there’s a beautiful naked girl in front me and that usually keeps me hard enough but not aroused enough to ejaculate.