How can I go back to Normal

I’ve been having sexual issues with my fiance for the past 3 months. It first started with me ejaculating too early (even wirh satisfying her first) but it lead to frustration. Now I get very anxious before sex because all I think about is me frustrating her which leads me to not having confidence that I can get an erection. I’ve tried talking to her and even though she says she’s okay and supportive then, her anger at times makes me feel less confident and weak. My doctor prescribed me Viagara but I have no used it yet and sortve feel I want to rely on it to boost my confidence. I have also bought my first house on my own which has lead to a lot more stress and am not eating as healthy and not as active as when I was younger.
Should I be using viagara while also working on changing my lifestyle habits? How long will this take till I feel confident on my own again

This happens to me too, I can feel her discomfort which causes my anxiety to spike and it kills my erection. But avoid using Viagra, imo it will be amazing since your mind won’t be able to play any tricks on you but then it will just change tricks to make you think you need it to perform just as well (you’ll be able to keep going and even after you cum).

I took it once and realized instantly why it could become a problem, it’s like taking steroids and then expecting to retain muscle mass without taking them any more.

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I am in a very similar situation, I have viagra but have never used it. I find the frustration/upset sometimes difficult to deal with but always find I feel better after we’ve talked about it.

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