How Can I Build On This Training to Overcome PE?

PE never disappears. My experience here, with the Mojo app & Community has taught me enough, however, to genuinely combat my anxiety effectively enough to explore sexuality with my partner with very little disruption. Here are my best practices, for what it’s worth:

  1. Commit to the Mojo strategy. If you cannot open yourself to the teaching and the hope of success, you fail before you begin.

  2. Stay focused. Practice. Build the app into your routine. It will help. Create time and invite it into your daily life.

  3. Share what you are struggling with, learning, working on & your progress with your partner. Not only will it help you normalize your struggle and reduce your partnered anxiety, it will release them from the debilitating fear that your lack of desire for them is the problem. Plus, they will feel invested and involved.

  4. The early lessons are key. They do not lose their effectiveness. I use Box Breathing and the Break the Bias exercises all the time in order to proactively and actively combat my PE. They are my armor. Just last night, my inner critic jumped up saying, “You’ve been doing way too well. It’s about time for a real failure. This can’t last forever.” I identified it, put on my armor and did my exercises. I had an amazing night of uninhibited sex with my wife. And then I discussed with her what had happened. A shared joy.

  5. The courses and exercises here will impact not just your sex live, but your overall ability to combat anxiety. Truth.

Sorry for the long post. I hope this helps someone out there. Thanks Mojo, you’ve opened up my sexy life to vistas I thought unattainable, deepened my relationship, and improved my enjoyment of life. Cheers men, this can be done!

PS: I would love to hear and respond to any feedback or comments you may have .


@manual-rose-turtle Bl**dy hell; this sounds like the dream. :+1: And lots of practical advice here, thanks.

And so good to know that there is hope going forward - and a realistic outlook about how things don’t necessarily just disappear for ever but that keeping up the practice and exercises can work as well as this.

Sounds fantastic and worth fighting for. Here’s to the future for you and to all of us still figuring out each step.

You’ve inspired me to start again at Phase 1 when I’ve finished the last of this first cycle.