Great content- but how does it relate to PE?

I am curious if any thoughts about this. I’m finding the Mojo content really interesting and insightful. But I don’t struggle with ED- it’s PE that is an issue for me.

I can see how the content also relates to anxiety about PE. But it seems like I’m having to put that link together myself as opposed to it being stated explicitly. While reading/watching the Mojo content I keep finding myself thinking, “okay, but how exactly does this ED explanation apply to PE?” Curious to hear your thoughts.


The biggest thing for me with PE have been the breathing exercises and learning how to relax my body better. I’ve found that’s some of the best things Mojo has here


Same thoughts exactly. Trying the app and have only seen exercises for ED.

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As you progress through there is more content that links more to PE directly I found.
The way the content is structured builds a great foundation then builds from there everything has a purpose.
Stick with it and be go with the flow, it’s a great program.


I used to struggle with pe, I still do in the odd occasion, but it’s only when I haven’t done any kind of meditation on the day. The meditation helped massively, I found the content the same and eventually worked through their other reassures.


Try the kegels and not tightening your pelvic flier when you get an erection

I struggle with PE severely too and it kills my confidence for sex probably what caused my ED but we’ll work through it

Can relate to this.
They talk a lot about ED but no mention of PE. Will stick to the program and hopefully see if it changes