PE Worsening since starting program

I used to have occasional bouts of PE, no ED, that led me to join Mojo. Ever since I started the program, I seem to be stuck in my head & this is increasing my anxiety tenfold. I now seem to last even shorter than usual & seem to be affected by ED as well. Although I am trying to be positive & continue with the program to improve results, this is taking quite a toll on my body & mind. Is anyone else experiencing such stuff ?

Yes I’m in the same boat. Made initial progress and was feeling confident but took a downturn and dealing with intense PE. I’m still trying to stay positive and continue to work with the program. I try to do pelvic floor workouts mostly daily in the morning and meditations at night. Stay positive brother

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Thank you for the support, brother. Onwards & upwards !

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Oh I find this happens with other kinds of “therapy” to - doing the program sort of brings attention to whatever the “problem” is and puts pressure on you to see some improvement and in so doing makes it worse !

I think best thing is to just plow on and try and trust the process and journey and try to not think too much about whatever the destination may be.


I’ve been in the same boat I feel like mine has gotten slightly worse. I feel you when you say it’s taking a toll on your mind and body. And you mentioned you seemed to be affected by ED I think I have experience that after never experienced it in my life because my head is so focused on not finishing and I’m struggling to let myself get to a state of arousal. Hope it gets better for you

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Thank you for the kind words & support. Hopefully, it should get better for all of us as the start is supposed to be the most difficult.