First go was a no-go

I’m on day 15 of Mojo, so I know it’s early, but fuck. I fucking hate this. I think all the “training” just created too much pressure and anxiety about “doing it right” with the techniques and it ended up being another session marked by an inability to maintain an erection and then an inability to get hard again once it was really time for penetration… and then top it all of with less-than-30-seconds PE. I fucking hate all of this. I hope it gets better. Glad my wife is understanding but I’m just defeated. Gotta hold on to hope and stick with it. She’ll be away for 4 weeks, so I have another month of working on myself before we see each other again. Her low libido and my ED/PE is a real mental disaster for me. I I say how much I hate this?


You gotta be able to forgive yourself bro. If you can’t forgive yourself then how can you expect your wife to?

It’s just a matter of time before eventually you get to where you wanna be. The amount of effort you’re putting in will make it that much more rewarding in the end.


Hey bro, hope you’re well. There are two mindsets: fixed and growth. A fixed mindset leads to thoughts like, “I tried once, it didn’t work, so I don’t want to try again.” A growth mindset, however, sees hurdles as opportunities to learn and move forward, using mistakes as a baseline for improvement. You need to shift into the growth mindset.

Your brain can only focus on one mindset at a time. What you experience is a projection of your thoughts. Negative thoughts like, “I hate this,” “I’m anxious,” “I’m not doing this right,” or “I’m defeated” will only bring more negativity and affect your progress with the program.

If you constantly think, “It’s not fair others can do this,” or “I wish I could do that,” you will attract those limitations. It’s not easy, but start thinking and saying “I am” statements: “I am good enough,” “I am strong,” “I am capable.” Act as if you’ve already achieved your goals, rather than wishing you had. Negative thinking will keep you stuck. Change your mindset to focus on the burning desire of where you want to be. Start acting and thinking like the person you want to become, and you will attract that reality.

Using this program to help with your erection issues requires a growth mindset. Believe in the process, stay positive, and understand that setbacks are part of the journey. Stay committed and focused on your progress, and you will see improvement. Good luck my friend.


Thanks man. I appreciate you taking your time to reply and your guidance. You are spot on with me needing to adjust my mindset. I’ve definitely let myself slip into a 100% negative feedback loop across my entire life.

Not at all, I’ve been going through the same thing. Challenging my fixed mindset has helped a lot, along with using this app. But it’s not just about the app; you need a fundamental change. You have a partner who cares and loves you, and now you need to love and care for yourself.

Look into other resources beyond the app. I suggest the book Mindset as a great place to start. I’ve been managing to overcome my ED issues. They’re still there, but I’m seeing improvements. I can still go soft, but I’m enjoying the intimate time with her more.

In fact, she had the best orgasm of her life the other day, even though I went soft near the end. I had spent the day cooking for her, talking about my feelings, and being open. She loved the vulnerability rather than seeing self-hate for “not being man enough.” The right woman isn’t just concerned about how hard you are; they appreciate your softer side. Once you start to relax into that, you stop obsessing about staying hard, and surprise, surprise, you start getting hard naturally

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Mate, I had the exact same experience just last night. I was so concerned about breathing techniques and getting out your head that all I did was think about the app and it ended in disappointment.

I know it can be easy to feel frustrated with yourself but try to not beat yourself up and give yourself a break. I have started to recognise that the critical things I say to myself or pressure I put on myself I would never say or do to anyone else, but somehow I don’t show myself the same compassion. Rather than get caught up in the thought that I may/may not be able to perform I am trying to set my expectations low and go with the idea of just enjoying mutual touching and foreplay as the main event and pleasing my partner and by almost taking penetration off the table helps me to just enjoy the sensations and stay in the moment. More often than not something might progress further but if it doesn’t then I don’t beat myself up anymore. It’s hasn’t solved my problem completely but it’s definitely helped me to calm the performance anxiety and not feeling like a failure afterwards and overthinking. Helps if your partner knows this is what you’re doing and is supportive. Good luck buddy.