Thought I was making progress, but it all feels like it’s been wasted

I had been following the Mojo program for about a week now, and I had thought it was really helping. I’d found myself using the techniques that were taught for a couple of sexual encounters so far.

However, suddenly tonight everything seemed to have gone back to failure again. I felt myself get into my own head the whole time and I’m really worried this experience is going to make me feel hopeless for future situations because even after starting this program and some good encounters I’m back to square one.

Frustrating isn’t it? This is totally normal though - we’re dealing with our not very rational brains and habits of thinking and emotions … keep going - mojo has new things most weeks depending on your programme and opportunities to practice what you’ve already learnt about… 2 steps forward (or 1 step or 1/2 step) and 1 back is the way it is!


Very similar experience here. Been on Mojo for about 10 days. Had a few sexual experiences since starting, feeling like I was making progress but the last time felt like a big step back. On phase 5 now. Trying to patient with myself and know that this is not linear progress.

Feeling like there’s a lot of hurdles early on as I try and train my body and mind to build my sexual health (ED and PE issues). Going to keep putting the time in and looking forward to big rewards in the long term. Keep up the good work!

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