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I’m Gem and I am one of the product designers here at Mojo. We’ve been working on some new and exciting ways of making Mojo better for you all.

We know that members who complete all 9 phases with Mojo are 50% more likely to solve their erection issues.

We want to help members complete the 9 phases and have started thinking about different ways we can help you do that.

Below are a few initial ideas the design team are playing with. We would love to hear your thoughts on them. Please reply in the thread below anything that comes to mind. Some things to think about:

  • What stands out?
  • What would motivate you to continue?
  • What would stop you using any/ or some of these approaches?
  • Which one would help you the most and why?

These are currently, what we call, low-fi - they’re purposefully greyscale so we can understand the concept better before we get into making them pretty and perfect.

Hey Everyone,

I’ve been slowly getting through the 9 phases (currently on phase 4). I’ve been experiencing ED and performance anxiety intermittently throughout my adult life. I’ve been married for 6 years and have kind of hit a crossroads in my marriage where it is really put up or shut up time. In regards to intimacy, that is. The tools I have learned here so far have helped and I am learning a lot. As well as had a bit of success putting them into practice. I guess my general question is, has anyone else dealt with this before in a relationship or marriage, and how did you work through it? I can’t help but feel at times that this situation isn’t helping my anxiety and, in turn, hindering my abilities in the sack. I’ll continue getting through the phases and staying open minded. Any input is welcome. Thank you


The analysis idea doesn’t sound sexy but is a good one - what happens to the weekly / end of module data, anyway? I was hoping to see that pulled together to demonstrate progress.

Goal setting appeals - I like to have a guided programme but then to modify it. Sometimes I look at the Resources page (where it would be useful to have a number displayed to show repeat actions) and can’t remember which one is which, or which one suggested trying once a week etc - these should ideally appear on the home page so I can keep up and not fall behind. Maybe this is actually a combination of Goal Setting and Challenges for my perfect workout programme.

Streaks sounds like it would our too much pressure on. I know several people learning another language after lockdown through DuoLingo but fell behind a bit and then dropped it as it felt like they lost something to lose their stars. This App should only celebrate the positive and acknowledge achievements.

Not interested in Kudos - in fact I don’t want to think about my data being shared with others unless I choose to do so through the Community.

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Hello @stormy-ivory-coyote
My experience may not be the same as yours but there are some similarities which might be helpful to share - my wife and I had to park our sex life due to her depression and anxiety. I can’t pretend that this didn’t cause resentment but it seemed the only way forward to stay together which is all very honourable and all that but… after a few years I began to get less hard on my own - and what did that matter?
15+ years on and with deep rooted ED issues now and I’m wishing that I’d done something sooner.
I think what I’m trying to say is good on you for doing something about this at an early stage.
Well done for not brushing it aside and thinking you’ve got all the time in the world.
It sounds like you are in the right place with your attitude and on this App, to move forward and make a difference.
A bit of action now could reverse things speedily for you, or at least understand your body and thought processes more, rather than compound any anxiety.
I wish you and your wife all the best.


Sincerely I don’t much like the idea of challenges and streaks. I personally think it would all look much like a “videogame” or sort of, and, in the end, it could even backfire putting another charge on people already feeling pressure as suffering from ED. I think the idea of personal objective might be fine and nice. Provided one has learned or is been thought to focus and identify a clear goal, more than a general feeling of discomfort, as it often happens with ED. The analysis sounds the best idea to me. Cause it is like asking a friend for advice and getting “certified”, so to speak, about the progress, or lack of, which could be another motivational support kicking in. And also a picture of how things are, a reality check, based on data and tests. I don’t like the idea of kudos much, cause I think it is better to search for support just talking, like we can do in the community, than with a “thumb up” meaning nothing, social network style.

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a good addition to resources section could be a few hypnoses sessions to work through. does anyone else have any thoughts on this?

@stormy-ivory-coyote I’m in a similar situation, currently starting phase 6. Don’t stop. I looked far and wide for help and this program is the best I’ve found. The phases keep getting better. I’ve felt helpless with this before, but I’m starting to see glimpses of hope. Listening to the “Conquering Performance Anxiety” podcast under resources was helpful for me too. We’ll get there. Keep it up!


Goal setting and analysis look like the two strongest things. Being able to work at your own pace (less pressure) can be a benefit and help with sticking to something feasible.

Would like to wean myself off ED medication any recommendations?

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When I used them for the brief time I did it was more of a trial situation for them but it always seemed like it wasn’t the final solution. I cut them cold turkey for the time being and am focused on the mental side of things. My best recommendation is to see how everything goes as you incrementally work your way off them.

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Analysis and goal setting seem sensible…

The other options seem to be “gameifying” an issue that those on this platform are concerned about…

Kudos on other platforms means sharing achievements and progress… not everyone wants to share that…

Challenges… this is a sensitive issue and the idea that you submit to a challenge you could “fail” at does not seem to be a good way forward…


So, I’ll just get right into it I guess.

I’m a single 24yr old guy and sexual performance anxiety is something I’ve struggled with since the first time I had sex… well, the first time I tried to have sex. I was 18 and SO excited that “it was finally happening!!!”. I took my ex-gf out on a date, everything was going well, and then we went back to the house, the moment arrived and…. nothing. I felt my bones shake. I truly can’t put into words the surge of thoughts that flooded my mind. It was a combination of negativity, self-deprecation, harshness, confusion, embarrassment, frustration and defeat. This happened again, and again, and again for weeks. At the time I didn’t realize the range of emotions that I was feeling, and my 18-yr old brain just processed them as anger, really. I was mad at myself, like “how could I be this guy??? If people find out about it, I’ll be laughed at and looked down upon by both men and women”. It was messy. Fortunately my ex was accepting and willing to see it through, and after weeks (maybe months?) of trying and failing, I could perform the way I wanted. We were together for about 4 years and the sex was great. So, after we break up, I’m obviously cured of my sexual anxiety right?? Not in the slightest. For the past few years, it’s been worse than ever. That same bone-shaking embarrassent, frustration and all the things I felt the first time come rushing back with anyone new. Every time. It takes a huge toll on my overall confidence as a person. Hoping to find some relief through Mojo.

Best wishes to all of you.

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I was in a 10 year monogamous relationship that ended several months ago. The last few years of which the sex was sporadic at best. I was traveling more for work. We grew apart. Morphed into roommates not romantic partners. During this period I became more reliant on pornography to sort out my needs.
Now, I am back dating and have had two consecutive experiences, with two beautiful and game partners where I couldn’t get anything going.
Nothing. Fortunately they were both very understanding but I don’t have to tell anyone here how devastating that can be as your first sexual impression with a new partner.
I had used viagra in the past with spectacular, extremely reliable results. I used it both the times I was with the above women and still flatlined.
I am newly on meds for blood pressure and anxiety; I know these could be a factor. I’m a drinker but I was before when the pills still worked. I’m in as good a shape physically as I’ve been in years.
I’ve had some degree of sexual anxiety as long as I have been sexually active. But I am at a real low point. The anxiety and shame are such that I’m worried before the date starts….
In a funk.

I’m not mad at the analysis or goal setting because I would like to hold myself accountable on what I set out to accomplish and I would also prefer analysis from professionals such as yourselves on what you feel as though I need work on. Like a couple others in the chat said, I could do without the kudos, it’s more social media like. The challenges I can do without as well as someone said it feels video game like and puts too much pressure on us to meet a challenge at a specific time.

Hi guys I’m 17 and can get hard but don’t to finish when I have sex any advice on the reasonings I can get hard fine and find the girl attractive and I’m fine finishing by myself

I think it would be great if the following repeat exercises were also audio guided and not just text:
Reprogram negative thoughts, Reverse Keagle and breakthrough your bias.

Also, I’m still really unsure whether do the reverse Keagle and pelvic floor exercises correctly.
I just don’t have any feedback to check if my thinking is correct.