Having sex twice in a row

First of all, I want to say I’m seeing an improvement in using the app so good luck everyone! I went from not being able to get hard with my partner to now getting hard and having penetrative sex, but currently having some issues with PE, specially when I haven’t masturbated in a while. My bigger issue however is not being able to get hard again within 15-30 min of climaxing to go again, has anyone experienced this? And is it a physiological issue or could it possibly be just mental. In the past I have successfully masturbated twice in a row when i’m by myself, but not when i try to go again with my partner, i don’t feel those arousing sensations as I did when we went for the first time.

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It’s a different refractory period for everyone. Maybe once in my life have I been able to go again within ten minutes.

I’m usually in the 20-30 minute range for recovery, if it’s happening at all.

Also, beware of using a death grip- it can give you the ability for an erection on your own, but that’s a whole different sensation than partnered sex.

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I see, thank you for this, I do not use a death grip when masturbating. Do you think this is trainable, i.e. if I masturbate by myself twice in a row would that accustom my body for that during sex and would I be able to get horny again that fast?