Coming quickly and reoccurring erection problems

I just came back from 3 weeks holidays, saw my partner on the first night and after taking a while to get hard, we had enjoyable sex but it only lasted around 5 mins max. The next day we had sex again and lasted about 30 seconds… What tips/exercises have worked well for you guys for PE?

Later that day we were enjoying foreplay and I just couldn’t get hard. Almost after a while and then immediately soft again. By that point I was back in my head and it was over. Very demoralising… What exercises/tips are working best for you? Thanks

Dealing with a similar problem myself right now, completely randomly.

The first step for me was to stop second guessing my boners. Morning wood was normal, boners during masturbation normal, so I needed to stop getting in my head when it came time to have sex

I’ve been using the stop and start method which works wonders for me.

Best wishes brother you’ll get past this

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