Sudden loss of erections

Hi, all new to this. I’ve always worried about being able to get an erection quickly again after sex but it’s never held me back. I’ve recently started dating someone new and the sex has been great! But we last had sex on Wednesday evening just before sleep and since I’ve woken on Thursday I’ve not been able to get one at all! Not even on my own, when I wake up. Obviously this has caused me concern which will only add to the problem. Any ideas??

Hi mate, I’ve had a similar issue in that I used to get erections after sex and particularly the morning after sex, since I started having ED, that has got worse and worse even just on my own I don’t get morning erections like I used to, particularly as the anxiety about it makes the problem worse and the problem makes the anxiety worse!! However!! I’ve only been doing the meditations on this program for a few days and the pelvic floor exercises I tried for the first time last night and I woke up this morning with a hard on!! So do the meditations and the exercises and I think have belief that it’s a slow process but be positive that the process will work and that will help also

Thanks pal, it’s really strange and worrying that it has happened. But the worrying just makes things worse!! I’ll definitely give them a go… are there any particular ones that you’ve tried?

Yeah no problem, for the pelvic floor exercise I downloaded the kegel trainer app on Android, if you have an iOS phone I’ve been told that stamena is really good, the meditations I tried are the re sensitisation meditations just 10 mins at a time. Good luck dude, let us know how you get on!