PE into ED during sex (old prone masturbator)

I almost never have a problem being hard, but the problem lies with staying hard. I can probably nut within a minute if I wanted to, but I’m able to persevere for at least a few minutes with stop / start and/or switching positions, but after about 5 minutes of doing that, I then lose the feeling in my dick and don’t much of anything… So I quickly lose my erection even while thrusting

I’m not sure if it matters or not, but I used to do prone masturbation up until 6 years ago or so. I don’t really feel much anxiety, so I’m not sure if the exercises here help that. I’m hoping root masturbation will help with not feeling like needing to cum in the first 10 seconds of sex, so we’ll see about that, but I’m worried that the overall situation won’t change where after a while the feeling just disappears.

Anyone else in the same boat?

You got this man I believe in you!. Just don’t overthink and believe that things can change! In this game attitude is literally everything


Yes, my situation has a lot of similarities to yours. I’ve only been using the app for about two weeks, but I have seen improvements already.

One thing I’ve changed is that I no longer masturbate manually. I use a toy. Honestly, I don’t like it as much, but I do believe that it is helping me retrain my brain. Moreover, I practice getting hard without touching my glands and only using my imagination. I believe these concepts are just extensions of what the app teaches.

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