Going soft without stimulation

I have been using the app for a month or two and have seen major improvements.
I get hard a lot easier, got a lot better in getting out of my head and enjoying. But also I noticed that I need to be touched down there a lot to keep an erection (myself or partner).
For example, when I’m doing the wax and wane, I go from fully hard to semi/soft within seconds. Same happens when I stop to put on a condom.
When I’m by myself I don’t care that much, but it’s really frustrating when you’re with someone.
Anyone have a similar issue, have any tips how to deal with it??


I do as well and think that’s natural. I’ve noticed it also depends how turned on I am. If ne and my partner just pop in for a quick rondevous, then it seems to swell and relax more quickly, than when we’ve been playing with each other throughout the day and I’m fully aroused, Ill stay harder much longer without stimulation while grabbing a condom or sex toy from our play box. Focus on the connection with your partner whether eye contact, breath, sounds and that’ll take your mind off the fear of getting semi while in transition. Plus some partners enjoy seeing and feeling us grow and get hard so maybe even turn it into a little game for you both!