Going Soft Mid Round

Hey all, first time posting. I’ve been using the app consistently (albeit only for a few days) but I have started noticing very good differences in my confidence. Still had some times when I cum quickly (below 5 minutes) but today I was having sex with my partner and we were going good for a solid 10 minutes. Switched positions and all of a sudden I just went soft. I think I just got in my head about staying hard that it caused me to go soft. I love this woman more than life itself and I feel crushed every time this happens as I feel it makes her feel it’s her and not me. She is very understanding but I worry myself that I’ll never sort this issue. Has anyone had an ED success stories?


Keep on the good work bro

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It’s great that you’ve already started to see an upwards trend in your confidence (from <5 to 10 mins is HUGE!). It’s great your partner is so understanding and willing to give you the time to sort it out, hope you’re able to use this to take the pressure off – remember progress takes time and isn’t always linear. Keep up the great work!

Oh and one more tip: at the top of the community tab you can filter for success stories!