Has mojo worked for you

Has anyone recovered with mojo, im using the app along with low dose cialis. With or without this I’m anxious and its causing me general anxious thoughts throughout the entire day/weeks and constantly worried to the point of not enjoying anything and do i need anti anxiety medication, I’ve a wonderful relationship with my wife but feel like when im constantly in my head that I’m not present and nearly dont know what to say anymore? I know if the constant worries were reduced and i was enjoying other things that would have a positive impact . Has mojo worked and if so what was the turning point?

I’m in phase 6 and in some cases feeling more confident and in touch with myself. However, I’m not yet getting erections like I used to - if at all.

It’s difficult for me to understand because my situation just started a few months ago. I’m more than a bit confused.

Additionally- similar to you - I’ve used Viagra for years (now with Cialis). These were/are prescribed by my doctor and always in the context of physical issues - depression, pre-diabetes and age (I’m 65).

I’m not sure if I should use these meds during these exercises. I have no reason to expect that Senate staged that include penetration or Wax and Wane will work without the meds. I just want to be back to normal (and can’t expect much more) which is the sex I had with my wife with nice strong erections.

I have asked for feedback and hope to hear back soon.

Not sure if I am helping you, but I’d suggest you continue to work through the program.

No physical symptoms, just one single bad experience has turned my mind into a mess. Physically fit and healthy but in my mind all the time. I agree the wax and wane seems a good call but dont know my mind swirling is the biggest problem

It is definitely working for me but I think many of the exercises require more duration than the reps specified. The recorded therapy sessions have been especially transformative, perhaps more so than the lessons. I think in one of the episodes it was recommended that sensate, for example, takes around 6 times before neural connections start forming but the lesson only requires 3 repetitions before it lets you move on.

Thanks for the reply, so sensate is working for you or having a positive impact, I’m at that stage too so hoping it will have an impact.