Age 59 & wondering if this is for me

Just joined the trial membership today. I like what I have seen so far but it seems that this is mostly geared toward younger guys. Still optimistic but wondering if anyone has any feedback on that.


I’m 54. I’ve seen comments on here from guys in every decade basically 50s, 60s and 70s and from teens up. So we’re all here - gay, straight and in between.

Many guys have found it really helpful and share their success in these comments.

I’d say mojo is focused more on your own mental concerns and mind/body connection. It is less focused on interpersonal relationships and communication although acknowledges the importance of this aspect.

I’ve found the comments here fascinating and the mojo resources - recorded therapy sessions, mediations all really good.

I think all you can do is give it a go and explore and see if anything resonates with you. You don’t need to sign up for an extended period.

Good Luck.


I’m 53 and it has been working for me (2 weeks). But I’m also young at heart :slight_smile:


I’m 62 and have been open to learning about why I have an ed problem and to find alternative methods for solving them. Now I use Viagra for helping with my problem and although it works I’m not happy with the side effects. I believe mine is a pyschological issue because my testosterone level are all normal.


Thanks for the feedback, guys! I am very impressed so far.

62 here… still in the game… (not “on the game”)
It’s really helpful… I wasn’t sure if my issues were physical or psychological… this helped me diagnose it was mainly psychological… now… it’s helping me to improve… trust the program… it’s for all of us….


Thanks! Best of success to you

I’m 54 and have just started this course after repeated ED issues. My Dr prescribed Viagra, which works ok but doesn’t really help if my wife and I are suddenly up for sex. In fact the pill taking actually gets in the way. I was curious about mojo, but am enjoying it. Plus I’m getting sensations back ‘down there’ that I haven’t been aware of in a long time. The fact that there are guys on here who are much younger is something I actually find very encouraging and supportive. It’s helping my subconscious too.

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I’m 62 next month and have recently ended a 16-year marriage that was sexless for the last 8 years or so.
I’m now with a beautiful, understanding, considerate woman, the like of which I could never even dream of being with.
However, this has revealed some problems I have. Between Mojo and her, we are sorting them out. She is very supportive and takes an active interest in what I do here. Some of it I have found very hard to talk about (penis pleasuring for example), but she makes it so easy.
Communication is the answer for me.
The issues that bring people here are not age-dependent, stick around, and you will be fine I am sure.

What breezy crimson stoat says!!!

Happy to report that my girlfriend and I went away Saturday night and had a fantastic time together including a couple of hours in bed that were Beyond belief. So it seems that just a couple of days doing the Mojo stuff on the app made a significant difference.

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