Guys with early climax, what's your inner critic like?

Mine focuses on how quickly I’ll finish and tells me to check out emotionally as if this will somehow make me last longer. He’s in my head

Mine just tells me I’m going to finish early

Mine is a small version of myself. Not loud nor soft. Off in the corner of my mind. Telling me no way I’ll last long. Go disappoint someone else. He doesn’t drive me, but it’s enough to derail the train.

i can’t find my inner critic

Mine is telling me the longer I will I last the more fun and exciting positions and experiences I will have, it is telling me to last long to please my wife and maybe she will enjoy it fully and crave and want sex more. It keeps telling me once I cum it’s done

I got a little bitch in my noggin filling me with doubt and fear. what is doubt but the anxious kissing cousin of fear? I gotta weed out these seeds this fella be planting.

Mine is my own voice, generally telling me things like “you’re gonna mess this up”

It tells me I’m not good enough because I can’t last longer. It tells me my partner is dissatisfied with not only the sex but by extension our relationship

Mine makes me fear that I won’t be able to last long enough or stay hard long enough. It tells me that I’m not actually enjoying the person I’m with and the sex.

Mine is a fucker, always like “what if u cum so quick” “do u actually please her or she just fake to make u feel good” is the normal one of “BE BETTER” and “NO ENOUGH” I remember being younger I had the highest ego and it worked always now is that “fucker” we can him “fucker” haha.

Mine tells me how it’s gonna go before it happens and says I’ll cum fast and that I’m a failure

Mine telling me why bother it’s going to be embarrassing.

Hes the pessimist of me exact same as me, like a clone of me stressing me controlling me

My critic is just my voice, in my head, criticising and judging what I do and how I do it.

He talks down on me, and is so prominent in big parts of my life. It’s my own self hate lurking and making me cower. As soon as the initial thought of climax enters my mind it’s there pushing me

Mine is me just always worried and stating the obvious, like your about to finish, oh my gosh this sucks. It says things like that to me

Just like me but only the critical and judgmental parts of me.

mine tells me i am not going to satisfy my partner and i wont make her happy

My inner critic immediately reveals to me the thing I am most sensitive and insecure about.

A gnawing parasite