Great to have Mojo

Recently seperated from a long term marriage and sad to say probably haven’t had sex for 7 years. Had been really worried about a new relationship and just stumbled on Mojo. I can really relate to the research and science behind Mojo as I’ve been relying on porn for so long. I didn’t think I was going to do so well in bed, but knew I would have ED issues. Not that they recommended cold turkey on the porn but I wanted to turn over a new leaf, then couldn’t even really get it up with the exercises let alone cum (eek). But was patient. First night I was able to keep it up but didn’t cum (achievement), a couple of weeks later I had the best night with her. I really do appreciate the vision that the founders of Mojo have in helping guys out and really believe with the change in mental perspective that moving forward Mojos teaching works. I’m probably preaching to the converted on here, but hang in there :heart_hands:Thanks Mojo!!!