Great time with this girl but no full erection

In the past I’ve had one ex-girlfriend and everything was great in the sex department. We took it slow with hand stuff, then oral and then sex, and outside of a few miscommunications we hit a groove and had plenty of great sessions for the rest of the relationship.

Fast forward one year after we broke up - and I’m chatting to this smoking hot woman who is much more attractive than my ex. We flirt and send sexy messages all the time and when we are together we are very physical and intimate. But the two times we have gotten undressed so far I’ve had problems getting to a full erection and/or keeping it. The first time I was hard with a condom on engaging in sex but couldn’t stay hard and eventually had to call it quits. The second time I could barely get hard enough to get the condom on.

Experiencing some real mental issues about performance expectations - even though she goes crazy for everything else I do outside of PIV. She’s very understanding and kind about it but I’m not sure exactly where to go. I’ve cut out porn, trying to focus on getting as aroused as possible while masturbating and using my fantasy more rather than relying on porn images. I wouldn’t consider using porn in the bedroom with her.

Anyone else have similar experience or tips to get through this?


I have the exact same experience and that is why i just signed up


That’s why I’m here too… look how many of us are here because of this…… it’s astounding.

Help is at hand, mojo has helped me a lot… understanding the issue is a long way towards fixing it…. am I there yet…… well not quite, but my strike rate has improved with meditation, box breathing, relaxation… getting out of my head…

You’ve got this… relax and things will be fine…


Here’s a tip that worked for me:
Tilt your hip forward and position it in line with your core/body. When you do this you should notice an extension of your penis making it look even longer. Test your posture by tilting your hip backward and forward engaging your glutes without contracting them too much. Once you find the sweet spot (the optimal position of your hips) your erections should improve because of a better blood flow to your penis. It changed my sex life :+1:t2:

Wow! I could have written this word by word for myself. Had a partner and we had good sex. We broke up. Didn’t have sex for almost 2.5 years and then got a new girlfriend and couldn’t get a good erection. She is very understanding and I thought it may be porn so cut that out and still didn’t see a lot of benefits. I can masturbate fine but can’t really perform with a girl. Signed up here !

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