Giving up on sex

I am healthy, I workout all the time, good testosterone level, but I have no libido.

I am about to give up…


I feel the same way, only way I get aroused is alone with the Internet

How about your life ? Stress work etc. I find the more I push myself at work the more I give of my love life. After a week turned off on holiday my love life’s back to rock star status.

I feel the same bro, probably we are focusing on work or other stuff that keep our mind stressed. I see my friends do more sex that they are carefree mind, while I’m planning and organising everything in my life and if something go wrong I’m panicking. We just need to relax more


Yeah I am one of those people who plan out stuff all week. I own a small business, I am finally with the woman I was supposed to be with years ago. We are super happy then this problem just started about a month ago. Sucks

Have you had your testosterone and hormones checked? I had mine checked and my T levels were low. After following my doctors advice I got all my blood markers in line and lately I’ve been wanted to have sex with my girlfriend everyday (aside from some anxiety based erection issues) but my sex drive is awesome. I used Marek health to get blood work done and get my blood markers In line

I feel what everyone has shared here. I got my T levels checked and they are pretty decent. The work stress can really take a toll.
I workout regularly and I’m in good health but my sex drive always takes the back seat.

Same lad. T levels checked, workout as much as possible, I try to eat a healthy diet… but I’m anxious in general, stress a lot about everything so sex always comes last… Don’t know how to address it properly.


Also, I think you shouldn’t give up on yourself…


I think it can be easy to slip into thinking that desire and libido has plummeted. It can be helpful to scan the external stuff that is going on for us to make sure things are in a healthy balance. Then it can be a good idea to work on Mindfulness to increase desire. It’s often used to treat womens loss of desire with positive effects. Positive thoughts around sex, ‘simmering’, kegals, erotic images in our heads (not screen), relaxation with sexual thoughts etc and it will build back up.

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My libido went years ago, cost me the love of my life. I’m working on getting it back, and then her! don’t give up