Little to No Sex Drive @20yrs Old

I’ve always had a really high sex drive throughout high school and college as you’d imagine for a guy my age. I workout, I run, I eat clean, I do all the right things to keep my body in shape- but my libido makes no sense. For the past 2 months I went without having any natural erections which was really weird considering I used to have multiple daily just randomly as a guy my age should. Before now I was even on heaps on dating apps and had lots of desire, but then I deleted them all and just was done with it, and after that I haven’t had an erection since.

The only way I could force myself to get it up just to make sure it still worked was through pornography and even that was tough as it didn’t really turn me on at all. I also have other physical issues like during this time I’ve had little to no energy, needed 10+ hours of sleep to feel rested, hair loss, etc.

My doctors don’t take me seriously because I’m in great shape so apparently it’s impossible to have low T and be in good physical shape.

I did recently start seeing this girl and there’s been a couple times where physical or emotional intimacy has gotten some blood flow down there, but I’m still worried that if it were to escalate that something is wrong due to this significant amount of time having literally no drive or erections whatsoever.

Maybe it’s just a psychological thing, that’s why I’m here, but I don’t know. Would love some help considering I’m so young dealing with this.


Did your Drs run any tests? Because if this is a sudden change and you’ve got a lot of tiredness, fatigue and hair loss then I’d say that warrants more investigation. Could you be overdoing it at the gym or with work/study?


It sounds as though you are giving this a lot of thought - which is going to be helpful. You have said that you have had some physical symptoms, it will be important for your doctor to listen to these concerns and ask them to check you Testosterone - it may well not be a factor but it is good to rule this out. Also your tiredness and the reasons for this should be examined . Anxiety, negative thinking and tiredness will all have an effect on erections. Mojo will help you understand more about your head and your body. You will be able to build up your confidence with your erections on your own and then hopefully you will be able to put what you have learnt in practice! Good luck


If you don’t feel your doctor is taking you seriously perhaps try a second or third opinion.
Sounds like you are looking after yourself well physically but maybe consider if there are any emotional or external stressors affecting your stress levels. As men we are not that great at being in touch with our emotions very well and often push things to the side.

I have only recently come to the realization that I was burying myself in work etc and not taking care of myself emotionally (also physically for me) and that’s taken its toll on my body and mind.