Getting into deep sh*t with ED

Hey guys, I wanted to share my story with ED. I was always a little shy and had problems with confidence, but I was able to get comfortable after a few times in new relationship. Then I’ve met this girl and all went smooth. Until after a year of relationship I started to have ED and couldn’t overcome it. Started to see sex therapist and found out Mojo. It worked a little, so I could have sex sometimes, but I developed severe anxiety around sex and my libido is really low. Relationship wasn’t working so we broke up and I left with this sex trauma🙁 currently working on my body image because I was really shy about my penis, especially when I took off my pants and wasn’t erect. I still believe I can overcome this! But it’s f*cking hard journey.


You’ve got this, I think you’ll find someone who understands you better and makes you feel comfortable. Keep doing these exercises and you’ll meet someone who makes you feel comfortable and that you can try things with again


Agree with above. Keep going with the app and exercises. You will meet someone who will make you feel comfortable again.
I found the soft penis pleasuring exercise really helped me. Try it standing in front of the mirror naked a few times to get used to your body. I extended the exercise to the rest of my body also to help me with my body image. It helped me a lot


Don’t forget to explore the feelings that come up perhaps at that year point. Or maybe something about the relationship didn’t feel safe or alluring. While a lot of the app is about physical exercises you do, don’t forget about your core drives and how they can be suppressed or dissociated.

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