Getting in your head

I have been dating my girlfriend for 4 1/2 months, and the sex has been incredible from the beginning…for both of us. We typically have sex for over an hour at a time. All of a sudden, this weekend, I got nervous about maintaining an erection and got soft. It has happened 3 times just this weekend, with no issues at all beforehand. Now, I feel like my mind can’t get off this idea that I won’t be able to maintain an erection.


That’s okay; we’ve all been there. From my experience, I’ve learned that it doesn’t help to keep pushing ourselves to succeed after a failure without taking the time to digest what happened. It only makes us more nervous and susceptible to the same outcome. You’ve done the right thing by seeking help. As you said, everything was great before, so it’s just a matter of resetting your mindset. Don’t worry, everything will be alright. Just give it time and continue with the activities here because they help a lot.