Find it hard to ejaculate during sex

I find it hard to ejaculate during sex but have no issue during masturbation,this is starting to really worry me.Anyone else have this issue?

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I have this too brother. Have had multiple sexual partners and a long term girlfriend and have never ejaculated from intercourse. I can get morning erections fine and have no issues with masturbation.

I have sometimes felt ‘close’ to cumming during sex, however can never fully let go. Has anyone else with a similar situation been able to fix this?

Me too brothers, i had it for a long while. At the time I was very out of shape to and found myself worried about myself and feeling like I was letting her down not climaxing. Ultimately I found that getting in a bit better shape and feeling more comfortable in my body helped me, I think it was due to the pressure I kept putting on it. Which relaxing more helped. I also talked to my partner about it, she was very supportive in the end. And while we worked through it we would sometimes swap to hand stuff to finish

Oh yeah, this has been an issue for me too. I keep worrying that if I can’t orgasm with my girlfriend that she’ll think I’m not attracted to her or something even though she is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever been with by far.

I am finding that having open conversations helps and trying not to think of orgasm as the point of sex also helps. Sex can be great even if one or both of us doesn’t orgasm because we still get to connect and it still feels good.

Try not to put pressure on yourself


Interesting, that happened to me one time with my girlfriend, at one point I felt I was about to ejaculate, I managed to control it and continued. However I never finished. My girlfriend started asking about it, I was sweating buckets and it all kinda died out. It is not a common problem for me, but I didn’t know people can have it regularly. Thanks for sharing

This jas been my biggest issue, and has caused my breakup. She was feeling that I didn’t find her desirable. My completion was something she looked forward to, and I couldn’t deliver many many times. I could not fulfill her fetish and therefore disappointment would occur. This lead to my own anxiety that just furthered the problem, eventually to not wanting to have sex, knowing it would lead to no satisfaction for either of us. I feel your pain.

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Brothers in crime in the bed—I’m part of the cadre and I can easily deduce that this goes to that goddamn inner critic preventing ejaculation. Why? Because it’s comparing your orgasm to those fantastic ones you have in secret when you jack off in private. Porn can be a big issue. My partner jacks off to porn but tells me he always imagines ME when he cums. I realized for me that always wasn’t the case. Sometimes I was thinking of porn…to try and replicate that great orgasm. Sometimes it did while other times not. That’s when my inner critic took it to town! Eventually I became satisfied into faking it. So far this course has opened my eyes to the root of the problem. Hang in there! We’re all into this together!


I have had this ever since the first time I had sex. At first I think it was because I was so nervous and was scared I wouldn’t be good. Also I had built up lots of stress because I didn’t start dating until much later than most of my friends. I started to beat myself up because I was telling myself I wasn’t a real man if I can’t cum during sex. I’ve realised my problems were mainly due to my inner critic and spectatoring and I feel like I’m finally starting to work through them after all these years. This isn’t something that we can fix magically so let’s keep on the path and move forward. We can do it brothers.

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