Fight or Flight Reaction at the beginning of sex

So every time I go to start to have sex, whether I’m fully erect or not I just go into a full fight or flight reaction. Can anyone recommend any supplements or advice for this? My heart starts racing and my body starts shaking and I lose my erection. I feel worse because my wife blames herself but I think she’s extremely attractive. Also, during the times I can maintain somewhat of an erection, I have been ejaculating almost immediately.

Thank you in advance.


All I can say is that you have to tell her plainly about your ED, if you haven’t already. Nothing to be ashamed of for either of you; like it says on here, a pretty staggering number of otherwise healthy men experience it. You’re in the right place to move past it. I take Sildenafil when I need it (which is most of the time) (generic Viagra, icydk), but I hate the side effects. I feel optimistic about Mojo, in any case.

Talking with my partner and including them in every single thought changed my life. Literally talk about anything now, no matter what. As you feel the way you do tell them at the time to let them talk back at you and calm you down.

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