Erection issues with only one girl

I have been knowing this girl for years. She struggles to get wet. She’s gone to a doctor about it. After a few years, I grew fatigued of her not getting wet no matter what, and me always having to grab lube. Now, I go soft with her whenever it comes to sex cause I know it’s the same routine. Even the rare times that she does get wet, I can’t maintain an erection. This seems to be a mental issue I’m having, and I want to overcome it. Full disclosure, I have had other women during that time, and the sex is great. She’s the only woman that I have this issue with. I want it to work with her eventually. Especially if I ever consider marriage with her. What should I do?

I have a similar experience with my girlfriend (27) actually. Sex with her has been the best I’ve ever experienced, but she struggles to get wet too. I think she’s mentioned how she always struggles with this, even when she was younger.

She took a Dutch test recently and discovered her testosterone levels were near nothing, which is crucial for so many things, including getting aroused, wet, and even orgasm. She’s been taking supplements and peptides to help, which I think is gradually helping.

That aside, we focus a lot on oral (something she really enjoys giving), so the spit from that is always a big help, sometimes even too much! For lube, we use a CBD lube that is coconut based, which has been wonderful.

I hope that helps offer a few different approaches!