I can only have sex with one woman

Well this is my story …

I have only been able to have sex with a woman, who is my ex-girlfriend (Very good sex), all the other times that I deal with other women, both in relationship and single I could not have an erection, but it is not that I have not been able to maintain the erection, is that there is not even a minimum sexual desire.

At the time I even thought of witchcraft, but I have tried to assume that it is my mind.

I would love to know if someone went through this?

I am clear that it is something very strange, I would just like to know if someone has been on something similar to see if could help me.

Same shit happened to me bro, but the more I thought about it made me realise that it was most likely down to the fact I was way more relaxed with that one woman. When I was with her I didn’t feel like I had to impress her/put on a great performance - it just felt natural, most of the time anyway. Whereas with the other women who were new and who I didn’t have more of a bond with/communication I struggled with ED way more. I experienced that same stuff you did, I can relate. Still battling now to overcome but feel the exercises here on mojo will help massively. Respect.