I can only have sex with one woman

Well this is my story …

I have only been able to have sex with a woman, who is my ex-girlfriend (Very good sex), all the other times that I deal with other women, both in relationship and single I could not have an erection, but it is not that I have not been able to maintain the erection, is that there is not even a minimum sexual desire.

At the time I even thought of witchcraft, but I have tried to assume that it is my mind.

I would love to know if someone went through this?

I am clear that it is something very strange, I would just like to know if someone has been on something similar to see if could help me.

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Same shit happened to me bro, but the more I thought about it made me realise that it was most likely down to the fact I was way more relaxed with that one woman. When I was with her I didn’t feel like I had to impress her/put on a great performance - it just felt natural, most of the time anyway. Whereas with the other women who were new and who I didn’t have more of a bond with/communication I struggled with ED way more. I experienced that same stuff you did, I can relate. Still battling now to overcome but feel the exercises here on mojo will help massively. Respect.

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Hi bro! Any update? Did you fix this?

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I was with the same woman for 26 years. married for 20 of them.

Good, never in those years had I suffered.

I’m now with. Woman 15 years younger thN me and I have had issues.
I’ve used pills and had some great sex. We have had sex without a few times and oral normally is not an issue.

I can feel the mojo stuff working and it’s getting better as I relax and do not worry about performing So much.

Pills are clearly not great, make you feel odd however good the second is.

I’d also recommend books like power or now and Untethered soul.