Erection issues get worse as relationships go on

I tend to find it harder and harder to get sexually excited as a relationship goes on. The first few months are fine but as we get more and more familiar I start to feel sexually numb, and feel like my girlfriend is like a sister, not someone I find sexy. Performance anxiety then begins to increase and I sometimes can’t get an erection at all. I wouldn’t have a problem getting it up with someone new, I think. I love my girlfriend and want to be faithful but I worry that I can’t sustain sexual interest in the long term. Can anyone relate and have you found this app has helped?


I’ve had a similar experience with both my husband (7 years) and with a FWB after about a year of playing with him about monthly. I know I’m a very avoidant person and I know I get in my head a lot about what sex means and then what not having an erection means. With my husband, it’s genuinely been helping to talk about my insecurities. We’re also a bit open so sometime I’ve gotten to channel sexy energy from another person to my husband.

Yes I totally know what you’re saying. I find this too. It’s almost like you don’t want to have sex with them because they are so precious to you.

I have the same situation. As time goes on, I find it harder to stay hard during sex. It has helped a bit to talk openly with my partner about it and have that discussion. Hoping this app could help with this, but unsure right now.

I’m in an open relationship. My primary partner of 2 years and I have been feeling this exact same way and is actually what brought me to this app, I cannot seem to stay hard with her and it has started to make me feel completely impotent. This issue has crept into my sexual relationships with other partners too even first time ones, the inner critic exercise really made me realize I am so incredibly hard on myself it’s sad! Excited to go through this course and keep working on being sexually well.