Erection Issues from excess masturbation

am M/35 .
i do normal masturbation for last 10 years.
in last 2 years maybe i got addicted more, i was doing few hours everyday.

suddenly in december one day - i was masturbating /edging for more than 10 hours on a weekend without urinating from the time i wokeup and did not drink any water or no food - i was edging continuously and suddenly i lost erection in my hand just like a sudden death.

since then its been 5 months - i dont get strong erection as before, these days i still masturbate to keep checking whether am back normal, but i guess it just made only worse. veins start paining in my penis/ penis feels so tired or exhausted or sore

i did few blood checks - no cholestrol / no diabetes / testerostrone levels normal / ECG normal.

if i lie down and masturbate i feel like getting better erection, but still i need to keep touching myself to keep erection and if i stand up , i lose the erection gradually…

when i google my symptoms - it comes as venous leak/ position variant venous leak and too hard to cure it… it damages veins if i dont urinate and if keep masturbating it causes oxygen to suffocate in penis and damage veins.

i have never tried viagara or any pills… am gonna meeet my partner in exactly 1 month from now, i did not say her my problem yet… if i take viagra or any other pills will it work ??
even if pills work - i get pain or more sore in my penis… how do i tackle it with my partner ?

is it venous leak i have ? if it is, can it be cured ??

am seeing a urologist in 2 weeks from now to do further checks/tests.

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Sorry to hear this. You definitely need to see a urologist. Hopefully he can help!