Erection issues and low testostorone

I’m late 30s, had issues the last few years with libido and getting a full erection. I Left a difficult long term relationship about 2 years ago and I am now wanting to start dating again but these issues have ruined my confidence!

I had a testosterone test done by Optimale and have come back with low testosterone levels. I have got a meeting with a doctor via Optimale to here what options I have, but I think it is going to be u affordable.

Tried speaking to my doctor about this a few times and not managed to get anywhere.

Has anybody gone down the route of TRT and had this problem fixed?! Or can anybody suggest any natural testosterone boosters that work?


Exercise as much as you can and try to lead a healthy lifestyle. Running and other cardio can help big time as well as classic lift weights, that’s a natural testosterone booster.

From what I understand about how testosterone works is that all of the “natural” ways to boost testosterone or the supplements are not effective and do not work at all. Several papers have been published on this, so I would be very cautious about any products who claim to do this.
The only tested and proved way of raising testosterone is TRT therapy (and obviously steroids but this is real unhealthy).

I would also be careful with clinics who test your testosterone and then also prescribe the medication. If you are truly worried about your testosterone levels, I would suggest going to a hospital or reputable clinic instead of an online clinic who makes their money off of people with “low testosterone”.


I’ve been on TRT with Optimale for the same reason for the last 1,5 years ( £135/month if you include HCG to keep your balls functioning) It’s definitely helped with my libido and made erections slightly stronger but for me that’s not solved the issue as performance anxiety is still very real. One thing it’s done is helped get me pretty ripped which is a nice bonus but not the releasing I started TRT. I was already going to the gym and excercising a fair bit but results on TRT are something else. So swings and roundabouts really but thing to keep in mind if you start TRT is that it takes a while to get dialed in and before you are, things can get worse before they get better. For me it took about a year before I found the dose that works for me- which meant my hormone levels finally stopped being all over place. Optimale have been very helpful tho and always available for a phone call consultation. Hope that helps.