Testosterone low

Im 25 w testosterone levels of 308. Any advice or recommendations to get my levels up. 308 seems pretty low to me.

Don’t know if that is high or low. The most natural way to increase testosterone is through exercises in the gym. It is good for the blood flow,health in general and etc. In short it helps with ED. You can look in youtube for more specific exercises but in general full body workout will do the trick. You can also take supplements like Tribulus which works by making your body increase its production of testosterone

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Try to fix your sleep apart from resistance training that is usually the main problem. Also bad diet can cause all sort of things too

Not for everyone but intermittent fasting and eating more meat can raise testosterone levels but im not a doc


That’s pretty much the bottom of the range that is acceptable. I’m 35 and mine is 157. Usually weight and sleep are the big culprits. I am losing weight and I just got a CPAP machine because I was diagnosed with sleep apnea. My sleep is steadily getting better.

I would start with those two things before doing TRT as it’s pretty much permanent once you start.

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