Sex drive - low testosterone levels

I am 18 years old and have been struggling with anxiety for most of my life. Recently I did a testosterone test and had a result that was just on the cusp of normal (it ranges from like 300-380), keep in mind I have a pretty healthy diet, good shape and I go to the gym regularly. My main concern is with my sex drive, which I don’t have much of; whenever I see an attractive girl my inner critic immeadietly floods me with thoughts like

‘If we had sex I won’t get it up, I’m not horny’, or

‘I have low t I won’t be able to have sex’ etc.

Because of this I rarely experience a sex drive and don’t have a desire to have sex. I have been attempting to increase my T naturally. My question is; is the way you experience sex drive affected by anxiety and the inner critic.


Hey there,

That’s such a great question. It’s really normal to wonder about your sex drive, and loads of guys who join Mojo are looking to increase theirs too.

I’m glad you got tested so you can be sure your T is fine. That means you can put more focus on the psychological side of things (but keep up your normal routine of fitness and healthy eating of course).

We cover libido in the course called, “Boost your libido” which is presented by Dr Murray Blacket. There’s some information that I think will help you and a super easy exercise to increase your libido levels and tap into your sexual energy. To access the course, just keep going! It’s course number 11 out of 17.

Other courses that might help your libido include:

  • Engineer your arousal
  • Fantasy training
  • Communicate for a better bond (you might wonder what communication does for libido — but just try it!)

And for those pesky negative thoughts that throw you off… well I think the whole of Mojo will help! But particularly the courses:

  • Reprogram negative thoughts
  • Control your inner critic

In summary, I think you’re in exactly the right place and Mojo is going to be major for you.

I’m wishing you lots of luck with exploring your sex drive and taking control of your inner monologue.

Grace from Mojo :blush:

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